Human Resource & Payroll Management System

Ease your payroll burden in one-click

A HR & Payroll Mnagement system allows you to keep track of all your employees, workers and information about them and benefits your organization by letting it track plenty of things including employee performances, payroll, time, leaves and much more. It may help you to revolutionize your workplace and helps you make a better decision.

HR & Payroll Process


We provide exclusive custom settings to set product small things as per different locations you have, without breaking your standard process.


Configurable masters to the last extent with a deep understanding of complex organizational structures, processes & workflows

Employee Management

Maintain employee End-To-End details from hire to retire. Employee levels, salary, leaves and many more..

Attendance Management

Attendance processing is effective only when it's real-time. Employees & managers need to fix issues ASAP and not at the end of the month. HR & Payroll attendance management system handles all aspects with simplicity and efficiency as well as for month end we give you monthly attendance option in case required.

Leave Management

When your company’s leave policy is enforced consistently, it improves transparency & employee satisfaction. HR & Payroll leave management software automates everything from leave accounting, grants, to period closing activities.

Salary Generation

System lets you manage all your HR holds like salary generation, attendance, leaves, pf, etc. All while reducing costs, saving time, and aligning your HR efforts.

Pay-slip Generation

We generate accurate payslips for employee as soon as salary generated, for every month.


HR & Payroll management delivers custom reports that help organizations take key HR decisions, late-coming, overtime, ESIC report, CTC report etc..


The day become great when daily important things seen at one place in a glance, for sake of great day we have dasboard which explain HR daily task in simple &effective way.

Important Features

Attendance Management

- Muster roll simplified

  • Cloud based management
  • Smart time tracking

Highly Configurable

Configurable to the last extent with a deep understanding of complex organizational structures, processes & workflows

Formula based Earning & Deduction

- Intelligence Delivered!

  • Intuitive tax and standard deduction
  • Error-free salary calculation
  • Benefits calculations

24/7 Access from anywhere & any device

- Payroll on the go!

  • Unmatched mobility
  • Unparalleled flexibility